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Climate Change +
Species Collapse +
Peak Oil

Peak Resources +
Nuclear War +
Religious Apocalypse

Climate Change +
Infrastructure Decay +
Virus +
Nuclear War

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The Center for PostApocalypse Studies
The Center for PostApocalypse Studies was founded as a think tank in 2007 by X, Y, and Z,* to apply a radical new analytic framework (Confluentialism) to PostApocalypse Studies. Though we recognize the value of our former colleagues at the Institute for PostApocology, we find only emptiness in the Seven Humor Vectors, errors in their siloing of the Seven Scenarios, and in general find "confuturism" an excuse for levity in the face of the unthinkable.

For we must think about our analytic models. Climate Change will be a confluential factor in Species Collapse, and Peak Oil plus Climate Change will yield a high likelihood of Nuclear War. To effectively project any PostApocalypse landscape, it is imperative that we envision Confluenced Catastrophes.

Accordingly, the Center will frame its public analysis using three Confluential Catastrophes, which are as follows:

Please read the overviews of these three Confluential Collapses to for further comprehension.

Our analytic framework eschews the much-ballyhooed Confuturist duality, but rather uses the triune model of Practicality, Probability, and Pessimism (The P3 Framework™). We apply P3 to create the TCFPAS Test, and the corresponding TCFPAS Score, indicating the likelihood of Prosperity, Penury, or PostExtinction (initially "Survival") within each Confluential Apocalypse.

We hope you take the quiz, to more fully understand the value of Confluential thinking on the likelihoods of Confluential Apocali.

*For reasons both scholarly and practical, the Directors of the Center wish to remain in the background, so that the analytic models propounded on this site are not influenced by personae or celebrity.
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